Come out now.

Thanks, bud!

I'm afraid that you didn't understand me correctly. I don't want to be alone with you. I just want to be alone.

We have a lot of assignments for the summer vacation.


We wanted a good future for our children.


He must have gone to see his old friend.


The departure of my plane had a two-hour delay.

The ceiling measures ten feet high.

I don't know who to ask for advice.


I'm not so sure about Sharan.

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I thought you said something.

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I couldn't help but overhear your conversation.

He arrived half an hour late, which annoyed us very much.

Are you sorry for what happened last night?

She has a natural talent for music.

Set the time on the alarm.

I think it's time to take a break.

That's a beautiful ring.

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Your eyes are red from crying.

We have to talk to him.

She will report directly to me.

Are you still letting last night's fight bother you? That's so naive.

Everyone knows about them.


She was an actress and was treated as such.

I intend to write a letter to Judy.

This world is a valley of tears.

I won't let them down.

Has John returned to America for good?

You'd better take care of it soon.

Gretchen can't sit still for a moment.


I'm too sleepy to drive.


My father is leaving for the United States next Thursday.

This is probably the most boring book in the world.

Future generations will admire your statue.


There are only a few days left before the end of the year.


"Except" means to leave out something while "accept" means to receive something.


Reading science fiction sometimes does much to encourage a scientific view of the universe.

How many hours does it take to go to Okinawa by plane?

I'm not in any danger.

Loukas, I'm afraid I haven't been completely honest with you.

She has taught music for thirty years.


He had no difficulty solving the problem.

You scared them.

You always complain about your housing accomodations. You know you can't bring your "palace" with you when you die. You're mortal. Housing is temporary.


Since he is old, this task must be difficult for him.


I'm a coward when it comes to cockroaches.

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I really should mop the floor.

I hate his hat.

I don't want to watch TV.


Ravi and Manuel are still making up their minds.


The Daito-maru is scheduled to sail at 4:00.


Prince Hamlet wasn't a play-wright.

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The cat catches mice.

I can't let you risk it.

He was heard singing in the shower.

I will attest that I did not hear that.

Jeffery doesn't need my permission.

There always seems like there is something to do.

The romantic aspect complicates the story.


Ray now understands what's going on.

Tell me about your trip.

The vaccination left a funny little mark on my arm.


I cheered myself up by listening to music.

Can you imagine what I am thinking now?

I didn't really notice.

Where will you be on January 1st, 2016?

Why did you want us to come here?


I thought you enjoyed talking about baseball.

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The colony declared independence and became a republic.

This chair needs to be repaired.

What you say is usually true.

He was given an important mission.

Louis disagreed with Ramiro about many things.


I didn't do it for money. I did it for fun.

I'll give you time until tomorrow.

I am quite ignorant of French.

Rear end collisions often cause whiplash.

It is written in easy English.

Well, I have to do something.

I majored in European history at university.


Hah! I wish my all my textbooks were $40! Some of them are almost $100!


I missed my bus this morning.

I told you it was possible.

Don't let him frighten you.

He sat next to her.

On second thought, let's go out to eat.

I didn't say they deserve it.

Come on, shake hands, boys!

It's not always like that.

He is barren of creative spirit.


Using simple crayons, just like those used by any child, Maria was able to create breathtaking pictures.


Do you think we can help them?

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"Where have you been?" "I've been to the barber's."

I didn't feel like scolding her for being late.

Yes, my angel.

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I'm pretty sure Knudsen's willing to do what needs to be done.

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Jack of all trades and master of none.

I'll see about getting the tickets.

We've only got three days.

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It is inhumane.

If you just put a little bit of cumin on the kebab, it'll be really delicious.

Kyu has no intention of doing what Al told him he has to do.

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Alberto is Tiefenthal's downstairs neighbor.


Do you miss your old job?


Make sure you tell him that.


Naoto looks exhausted.

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You must follow the regulations.

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Kriton is in no hurry to sell his car.

You will be able to dance well.

He asked for a lot of money.

Why aren't you tired?

No matter what he may do, he will be praised.

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How was Joubert's dinner party?

I played the flute when I was in high school.

No, I don't remember. I wasn't born yet.

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I'm engaged to Doug.

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I was much affected by the sad news.

Cliff let out a few words in French.

His effort contributed to success.

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Happy days of childish credulity, when fact and fiction were swallowed alike without a misgiving!

He's making a big deal out of it.

I forgot his address.

I want to take a rest.

We stayed with them all through the summer.


Try to recall what happened.


I don't know when he came back from France.

She knew herself that it would be very difficult to carry out the mission.

Go to the hardware store and buy a roll of insulating tape.

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This news is new to me.

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She'll give one more carpet to me.

I love baseball, and have hardly missed seeing any big games.

English isn't easy to master.

I think this book is easy.

He cocked his head.

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Come out and play.

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The banks on each side of the river were very pretty. There were beautiful flowers, old trees, sloping fields, in which cows and sheep were grazing, but not a man to be seen.

A Merry Christmas to us all, my dears. God bless us!

I have no siblings.


The priest gave me his blessing.

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She liked talking about herself.

I don't understand their humor.

I used to be a cook many years ago.


Avocado is a fruit.

I wouldn't have made that mistake.

This rat, up until just now he was my partner and now he's gone and turned on me.


I didn't know you were busy.