Although English is not his first language, he speaks it impeccably.

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The correspondent filed a report from Moscow.

It has been raining since Tuesday.

How much do you think I can get for my kidney?

Hurry up, girls, you're going to be late.

Mickey was not apologetic.

What's this hotel's fax number?

Herb checked his rearview mirror before pulling out into traffic.

Patrick talked Hy into inviting John to the party.

Lowell lives in an apartment with her mother and two younger brothers.

His latest works are on display at the city hall. They are fabulous beyond description.

Hamilton didn't come to school today because he had to go to a funeral.


You shall have a nice present.

It will rain on and off today, so you'd better take your umbrella.

Don't worry! You will be out of here and running around with your friends in no time.

I'm taking them home with me.

I suddenly realized what was happening.


In the Greek football game, the players on one team tried to carry a ball across a line in the other team's territory.

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We're holding an opening sale today.

Jong tried to hide her confusion.

The doctor advised him to ease up on alcohol.

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How have you spent your holiday?


I brought you a gift.

Panacea was an orphan.

Saumya filled out the job application form.

You either go with me, or with him.

Last week I gained back five pounds.

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Don't use harsh language.

Let's hear what you've got to say for yourself.

Why did you become a cop?

Please open your bag.

Tomorrow's a holiday.


If the students are bored, they will find ways to entertain themselves.

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His mother felt ashamed for him.


Whiskey goes very well with tea.

I know you did your best.

I was floored by the news.


I am picking apples.

Cut it with the knife.

Snip, snap, snout, this tale's told out.


The cold froze the water in the pipes.


To me, he is like a king.

I paid attention to what Hui was saying.

I always listen to you.


He found it.


These young people are talking loudly amongst themselves and have absolutely no regard for those around them.

He went to the student's house.

She's on a roll.

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Larry is an avid cyclist.

She didn't notice one of her buttons unfastened.

I learned today that Yvonne doesn't like me. Do you know why?

Siping is still the best student in your class, isn't he?

It's no secret Murray and Archie have problems.

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This book has been translated into more than fifty languages.

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Jimmy looks happy.

We declared war.

Because of the water shortage, I couldn't take a bath.


If you don't go, I won't, either.

He retired on account of poor health.

He was born in a village near Teheran.


Don't hesitate to ask questions if you don't understand.

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We can still do stuff together.


What you're saying isn't logical.

Your breath stinks.

Your death is my life.

My ancestors are from Germany.

She gets easily excited by the smell.

Diana is still there with you, isn't he?

Have you seen my pen?

She needs time to think. Can she give you her answer tomorrow?

Some pitied them.

Why can't you be with me?

You beat them, didn't you?


Lonhyn realized something wasn't right.


Don't be late for work.

Did you get a reply from him?

If you try for too much, you'll end up with nothing at all.

Yara is avoiding me.

You should eat this while it's still warm.


If I knew her address, I would write to her.

I don't want to talk about my family.

What on earth?

Aren't you a little hot?

All the family got out of the car.

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I think it is fun to go for a walk.

Edwin hasn't yet returned the book to me that Charley wants to read.

Pantelis was in pain, but tried to hide it.


She worked side by side with men.


What's Liber so nervous about?

Would that be nice?

I'm still not impressed.


These are original.

Ravindran is not a busy person.

She attended the party dressed to the nines.

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We have discussed the problem several times but to no avail.

Jacob wouldn't even consider our offer.

Do you want to eat this?

If it were not for books, each generation would have to rediscover for itself the truths of the past.

It's stifling hot today. There's no wind at all.

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Do you know who lives in that house?

They were walking two hundred meters in advance.

There were none in the room.

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You've been very nice to me.

I think what Vic is doing is terrific.

Carl put a foam pad under his sleeping bag.

Whose newspaper is this?

Say that again if you are a man!

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What does your sister do now?

"Why are you grinning like that?""That high school girl we just passed is really cute."

You already know my opinion.

Pim stumbled over something on the ground.

Lincoln is an important person.

Laurence said nothing derogatory.

We didn't beat them.


Don't tell me. Let me guess.

Recently, I don't have much appetite.

How could you let them go?


Let's appeal to the people to see what they'll say.

The gun went off while he was cleaning it, and the bullet almost struck his wife.

Don't trust anyone here!

My mom makes me some coffee and then I leave in time to catch the bus.

'Well,' said the king, 'what do you desire as your reward?'

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I consider making mistakes an important part of the learning process.

Things have been really busy down at the station.

The crowd was silent.

Maybe we should come back later.

My plane leaves at six o'clock.

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He explained the matter to me.


He advised her not to go there by herself.

The question is left in abeyance.

You must talk to her in person.

Christofer is the only one there.

Her eyes were flooded with tears.


Someone please help me.

We should play golf sometime.

I'm not strangling your cats.

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Life isn't fair, but it's still good.

Will the weather be good tomorrow?

Such poets as Toson and Hakushu are rare.

I have what you're looking for right here.

You were the last person to see Indra.

This shop is a rental video shop.

He got lost on his way to the village.

The sky is full of stars.

The policeman took the thief by the arm.

Why are you telling me about hippos all of the sudden? I don't see the connection between that and your twelve red goldfishes.

Is Belinda aware of what he did?


Lie down and rest for a while.

Everyone sat down.

Thank you for buying me this magazine.


We may have missed the bus.

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My brother hung the picture upside down.

Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost.

Jean-Pierre speaks a little French.

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Ruth brought Price flowers and candy.