They say you should consult the past if you want to learn about the future. History has a lot to teach us.

Did you eat yet?

Everything you saw was an illusion.

Was looking for a corner of heaven to shelter from the rain.

Let's go to the park.

What is your area of expertise?

Waves are generated by wind.


Right now there are 2 types of Spaniards: the ones who are willing to vote for corrupt and indicted politicians, and the ones that aren't.

The President leaves Washington for Paris next month.

We leave tonight.

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This website is not suitable to study Arabic.


Brooke is one of Lynne's best friends.


Happily the crops were not harmed by the typhoon.

The outer part of the ear is made of cartilage.

As was to be expected, he took the first place.

Your physical condition is crucial.

Sunlight makes my room warm.


I voted for you last year.

Kory was wrong and I told him so.

Everybody liked them.

Cyrus felt disappointed.

I will take you home.

I've never actually been here before.

Working part-time at a supermarket, I found that some customers were polite whereas others weren't.

That's a beautiful bracelet.

I thought Masanao was supposed to be in Boston. What's he doing here?


She accommodated her schedule to his.


I believe what he says.

That sort of thing should be done away with.

Is this your house?

March 15 will be my last day of school.

I told you Morris was crazy.

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Rabin thought it would be a good idea.

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We have agreed to continue the negotiations.

You should make use of this chance.

Shyam acted like a baby.


How can you say something like that?

That was your plan, wasn't it?

Flags of the world fly proudly at the United Nations headquarters.

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He was beside himself on her account.

It doesn't seem so absurd.

We are good friends now, but there was a time when we didn't like each other.


Your car has been repaired now.


She used up a cake of soap.

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In my opinion, he is just a fool.

This is proof that you're the murderer.

You built it, didn't you?


You'll have to wait not less than an hour to get a ticket.


I've just been to my uncle's house.


Having lots of free time, I've decided to study French.

Which subject do you like best?

Tanaka's teaching goes against the stream of history.

Do you want to go right now?

It depends on how strong it is.

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Laser printers are generally less expensive to maintain than ink jet printers.

I didn't know them last year.

The shop is open from Monday to Saturday.

She was seated between Moore and Rahul.

That's the first cockroach I've seen this spring.

I'm having some trouble with my computer.

The plane arrived at Itami Airport on time.

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Raisa is adorable.

It's terribly cold. I think I'm going to catch a cold.

A sore back hindered me from playing tennis.

We are going to make a video.

The truth is really clear.


She must have been gorgeous when she was young.

I can't stand this hot summer.

Maybe we should get started.

Charley thought he'd lost his wallet, but eventually found it after searching the house for an hour or so.

Brazil is very rich; its richness is immense; coffee is one of its greatest riches.

The sea gull glided on the wind.

Please tell me why you don't eat meat.


I have to go pee.

I think that's the problem.

They would have gotten a better exchange rate if they had gone to a bank.

You seem surprised.

Had the elephant and the giraffe not had common ancestors, how might one possibly have observed that they had an exactly equal number of vertebrae in their necks?

How are you going to Milan?

I think she will succeed.

Kent doesn't like coffee with sugar.

I must repay the debt.


What was Celeste's problem with that?

That young critic is in high demand for a lot of places.

Let's go eat. I'm starving.

Can you imagine what that's like?

Don't intrude your opinions on others.

I promise to return this videotape within a week.

She looks cute with her hair short.

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So many tasty foods can be prepared with eggplants!


We helped them.


There were quite a few passengers on board.

All the schools are closed on that holiday.

The film was not what I had thought it was.

This is much worse.

Have you been told where to park your car?

Don't leave like this.

Space sat down on the couch.


I saw them in there.


I didn't tell Raul about Lar.


The power has been off since this morning.


Romantic, isn't it?

Margot doesn't like his stepmother.

Some people watched TV serials every evening.


The cat is meowing on the roof.

And your parents? When do they arrive?

Stefan suddenly started to cry.

Jared told me a joke.

The Old Prussian language revival began in the early 80's.

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Learning lessons from Europe, Japan has to switch its economic-oriented policy to a consumer-conscious one, in order to cope with the coming unprecedented aging society towards the 21st century.

He is diligent in his study.

I almost told Franklin what you told me not to tell him.


Hockey goalies wear pads on their legs to help protect them and to prevent the other team from scoring.

You think you're so smart.

Suresh didn't seem to want to come with us.

We gathered all the books together and put them in the spare room.

I was completely in love with her.

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We're waiting to hear from Guido.

I have absolutely no idea what Sofia's talking about.

Don't expose photos to the sun.


Lars has a nice voice.

The death of the Mamonas Assassinas undoubtedly marked the history of Brazilian music.

Terry hates rats.

Be careful! Affective dependency is not synonym for love!

Who told you to do that?

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The grainy texture of these mashed potatoes is deeply unpleasant.


I just couldn't believe it.


I'm sure Presley wouldn't double-cross me.

How do you assess your students?

Today we need to sleep outside.

At school, we had to recite times tables parrot-fashion.

You'll miss me.


We're pretty disappointed.

The story doesn't match the facts.

That's a beautiful song.


In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice, there is.


Where does this piece go?


What does she look like?


We'll just have to take that risk.

Leon is still sitting in his car, waiting for Pitawas.

Please reconfirm the reservation by March 10.

Women observe and men think.

Do you need assistance?

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He sat down on the bed.

You don't need my permission.

You will eat.


Tigger told me everything I wanted to know.

Cars are now available in a wide range of prices.

Who is the man playing the violin?


God, make me patient!

Tor might be lonely.

We heard it from Mr Such and such.

Clem built this doghouse all by himself.

Mike put the car in gear.