Spread the love.

Would you like some more cake?


We're in good hands.

Erwin is swearing.

I know that man who is sitting there on the other side.

They risked their lives on the dangerous trip.

I really do want to help you.


The union has asked for the mediation of the government in the dispute.


Liz stopped breathing.

Shaw is deluding himself.

You are confusing me.


You might be able to trade your truck for a tractor.


That made perfect sense to me.

Kirsten is studying.

Will tomorrow's breakfast be bread, or rice?

I want the details.

You're completely delusional.

Sanjib fell off of his motorcycle.

Can you tell me what's going on in there?

What were you doing before this?

He is endowed with a sense of humor.

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Who's up for some ice cream?

Many people did not want to believe that this story was made up.

How do you get on?

We have bigger things to worry about.

We had a great time.

He doesn't tell lies.

Her foolish idea is beneath notice.

"What a nice surprise," Joanne said as he opened the door and saw Jagath standing there.

"Do friends sleep with friends and then murder them?" Dima asked in return.

Milo and Novorolsky plan to go hiking tomorrow if the weather improves.

This subject is off limits.


What's Kiki still doing here?

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Put the kettle on the fire.

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Bob told me he had an old computer I could have.

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When are we eating? I'm hungry!

In hospitals, the equipment and appliances most often needed for life-threatening emergencies is kept together on a crash cart.

Dustin Jackson wrote his first book before he was thirteen.

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Len said something, but I couldn't hear what he said.

When can we see each other?

We'll get in touch with her.

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Maria is probably Germany's most talented artist.

Are you still dating the same girl?

Jean-Christophe is strong, but Himawan is stronger.


Caleb is still at the library.

We've been here too long.

Have I lost my mind?


Look, Jordan, it's going to be OK.


Swamy was mistaken.

I thought you were my best friend.

"Since when have you been in London, Florian?" "I've been here since June."

Hey, are you crazy?

You drive way too fast.

What's going on outside?

I've sold thirty tickets so far.


He could run fast when he was young.

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I'd like to see the Earth from space one day.


Po died when Norm was still in her teens.

Okay, I give up.

Why is the world so cruel to me?

How's everyone doing in here?

Mr T (19 years old) avoided conviction for murder, but was found guilty of grievous bodily harm for having intentionally caused wounds.

He cheated on me.

Where are the metres?


Lorien says he's busy.


Do you mind if I park here?

Perry wanted to be a mechanic.

I have to talk to her now.

Stephe's attitude is quite simple to understand.

Who fired first?

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She was concerned about the well-being of her brothers.


Is there anything else you want me to do?


I've never met Gabriel, either.

That would make all the difference.

Give me that piece of paper, and I will inspect it!

Hume just wouldn't listen to me.

The store is having a sale today - buy one, get one free!

Philippe isn't afraid of experimenting.

I think I'll take this one.


Pratt unbuttoned his shirt.


Why are you walking away from me?


I spent all day studying French.

I'd never hurt them.

Casper sat by the pool in swimming trunks, surrounded by beautiful women in bikinis.

There's an emergency.

The cabin was torn to pieces by the storm.


Have you been having problems with your email?

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He asked me to leave the room.


I should've known.

I want to take you out to dinner tonight.

Why are you telling this to me now?

He did not get up early.

She is probably over forty.

Timo doesn't want to take any chances.

Why do you call me an angel?

You deal with it.

A teacher must not laugh at a pupil who made a mistake.

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The company is in financial difficulties.


Where's Loyd working now?

Eliot used the F word.

One who has no goals in life, lives only to die.

The police started to look into the murder case.

I don't think I've ever done that.

The teacher told him to rewrite his essay.

I couldn't let her go.

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They will be surprised to see you here.

She wasn't stupid.

He was compelled to sign the contract.

We spent all evening dancing together.

Is it true that man never gave you his name?

He tends to get angry when he does not have his own way.

Golf is boring.

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My knee is bleeding.


Everything happens the way it's supposed to happen.

I'd like to reserve a seat.

Roy told me he wanted to kiss Pratap.


They wanted Manuel dead even more than you did.

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Please get me a pillow.

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Ralf told me not to do that.

The moment she was alone she opened the letter.

Kirk owns a business.

His aunt urged him to learn a foreign language that he could use to emigrate out of the country.

Do you need bread, sausage and cheese?

I've got a headache.

I think you know that's inappropriate.

My hobby is visiting old temples.

The conversation is drying up.


He invented a false rumor.


Have you spoken to them yet?


Your letter crossed mine.

Let's get out of this rain.

I just need to see Phill.

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I left an umbrella behind.


You don't know my brother.

Your story can't be true.

Everyone felt sorry for me.

The old lady will often wait for her son in vain at the station.

He is a teacher at our school.


The war began three years later.


You haven't seen the last of me.

I have a boiled egg for breakfast every day.

Lois isn't that much taller than Norman.


What did you watch on television last night?

What did you talk to her about?

I'm against the death penalty.

I didn't go yesterday, so I have to go today.

Thought is free.

We chose her a nice birthday present.

They each sang in turn.

You should quit gambling.

Irwin receives a high salary.

What he said is by no means true.

Angela doesn't want to break up with Amarth.

I have dinner plans with Pratapwant.

Surya is in great spirits.