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Sydney scholars is a not for profit organization. We preserve scholarship and enrich wider learning environment. We appreciate scholarly teaching by providing materials and opportunity to scholars helping everyone in the world. Today the learning outcome is not limited to a piece of paper provided at the end but how useful is the learning itself to all of us, that is whether learning help the job - our vision: * Develop scholarship of practical use * Give opportunity to everyone * Provide active learning environment directly useful for work * Forming industries and expanding work opportunities * Get rid of unemployment by enhansing real workers * No discrimination,harrasment and bully thus respect everyone in the world.

Dr. Pemajayantha, B.Sc., M.Stat(Rutgers, USA),D.Stat(USA), D.Comp(Phillipines), Ph.D.(Aus)
Dr. Piyaratne Dew., B.Sc. (Sri Lanka, Ph.D.(Phillipines)
Prof. Rohan W., B.Sc., Ph.D.(Sri Lanka)
Dr. Shamin J., B.Sc. Eng., M. Eng (NUS,Singapore, Ph.D.(Saitama, Japan)
Prof. Jay R., B.Sc (Sri Lanka), Ph.D. (N.Carolina, USA)
Dr. Akila Vithanage, B.D.Sc.(1st Class Hons), GD.Dent
Dr. Neel, B.Sc., Ph.D. (Australia)
Dr. Bhagya, M.B.B.S., Sri Lanka
Ms. Mitchel, B.Sc.Hons 2nd Upper(Australia), Cert. HACCP, Cert.OH&S.,Cert SQF practitioner and auditor
CEO: DR.PREM, Ph.D.(Australia)

Sydney scholars started about ten years ago as a not for profit organization. We explore production of scholarly teaching materials for students from year one to Universities and to technical staff. Let us provide an emvironment inducive to learning oriented towards outcomes.

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"I am always learning from anyone because I know that certificates are just milestones of learning but none of them helps in practical jobs because everyday is new, every produt is new, everyone is learning and so am I. I learnt to put concrete, a foundation on which you continue to build. There the sky is the limit when the foundation is strong and no one thumb you down. Sydney scholars are genius who thumb you up."

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