Hundreds of years ago, married Japanese women would blacken their teeth to beautify themselves.

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Is Jerome still in the hospital?


If our neighbors around the world are in need, let's lend a helping hand.

After Saturday comes Sunday.

Then they were hindered by the birch-trees, whose branches almost put their eyes out. But the little sister tied the twigs together with a piece of ribbon, and they got past safely.

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They did not plan to break their promises.


Dr. Yukawa, the Nobel prize winner, died in 1981.

Talk will not avail without work.

I'm coming over to your place.


Do whatever makes you happy.

We've all done things we're not proud of.

Am I supposed to be understanding any of this?

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Although the government refuses to admit it, its economic policy is in ruins.

Another form of art which was highly developed by them was sculpture.

I have brought his umbrella by mistake.

It's great having you back.

Nils was clearly skeptical.

I'm taking it to him.

I've been drunk before and likely will get drunk many more times.

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He goes in for the examination next month.

Margaret paid no attention to Donal all afternoon.

I'll be fine on my own.


Hubert walked into the living room.


A dog bit his leg.

I refuse to sit there.

Lord's a very practical, down-to-earth person.


Stop being a baby.

Even the human race will die one day.

Horst watched us carefully.

What do you want her for?

Kobolds always appear in the strangest of places.


It is not easy to find the way to the park.


Will you do as much as you are able to?

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I prefer meat to fish any day.


Could you keep an eye on her?

Surya is trying to get custody of his sister's children.

Derek was saddened.

Syun wants to get close to the action.

Owing to illness, he could not come with us.

This theory is true of Japan.

You'll never catch me.


He promised to keep it to himself.


Hume walked towards the kitchen.

For my summer homework, I'll try to create a big object with milk cartons.

Do you know what I just did?

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My nephew was excused because of his youth.

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As soon as he arrives, I'll tell him.

This mountain isn't a lofty one.

She was a genius in mathematics.


That there are various conflicts, frictions, within the races of man is a point made clear within this book as well.


I wish you could have seen him pitch.

I haven't had a barbecue for a long time.

Our office is very comfortable with air conditioning.

You don't know the place.

Page and Jem have adopted a minimalist lifestyle.

Spy wasn't really paying close attention.

If you want me to stay, then tell me.

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It's not my place to question Sumitro's loyalty.

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Kevan hopes he didn't botch the job.

Call me if you have difficulties.

Tarmi has been neglecting her children.

When a Sage shall again arise, he will certainly follow my words.

Production has already begun.

The man was branded as a traitor.

We've got to stop them.

Willie would want us to stay.

We were right.

The first person to repeat that to my wife, I will strangle. Understood?

That's enough exercise for today.


It gets dark earlier and earlier.

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Is this really worth it?

What were you thinking about?

Many high-level officials attended the meeting.

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I finished that end-of-term essay all in a night's work!


You're the only person I know who regularly gets my name wrong.

He's just a crazy old man.

This sentence may be interpreted another way.

That isn't a good reason.

My favorite dissenters--I mean those whose ideas ill accorded with my own--were wont to express themselves with exquisite courtesy.

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I told her to do it.

My wife and I would just like to go home quietly.

I want this photograph developed as soon as possible.


We should leave while we can.


Our house has scaffolding around it this week, due to renovations.


The two boys began to blame each other.


Unfortunately he refused to come.


The mucus is greenish yellow.


I prefer patients who can't talk.

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That's Po's voice.


Rajesh admits he was skeptical at first.

We spent the whole day chatting.

In case of an emergency, push this button.

Peggy and I both like to play golf.

You can't yell at Alf.

The workman died from the explosion.

Piete was so drunk that he spent the night in a ditch because he could not find his way home anymore.


I trust what Matthew, Mark, Luke and John said, and if I were ever the victim in a car accident I'd be very happy if they were my witnesses.


In a sense you are right in refusing to join that club.

Comb your hair before you go out.

We were told to shoot to kill.

No one was helping us.

I had no choice but to agree.

It must be removed.

His work is making watches.

Mike is just shy.

Don't sleep with her, because you'll catch an STD.

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I never even got to tell Maria about what we did for him.

How can you tell the difference?

That's what Lindsay was looking for.

He noticed I was there.

I don't know everything you do.


Clayton could sell that for a lot of money.

He's every reason to be proud of his son.

How big is your house?


Rayan sang in the church choir.

Tahsin was lying about that.

Well, let me take it back and figure it out for you.


All the old magazines are sold out.

I didn't feel a thing.

I'm coming from my grandfather's and going to my uncle's.


You need a large vocabulary to read that book.


I'd like to reserve a single room on June 3.

Hartmann came on stage.

Technically, drugs that cause miosis can relieve the PNS effects of those causing mydriasis since sympathetic and parasympathetic stimulation tend to negate each others' effects.

I think it is all right for beginners to take great pains to avoid using Dr Martin's book.

I actually agree with Guido.


My dog died last winter.

Don't tell me you care.

Now stop crying.

Can you describe how Patty died?

He had no friend from whom he could borrow the money.

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I've got much work to do at the moment.

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I'm so sorry that Paul Walker died in a car crash.


Let's go out on the balcony.


Everyone hates me.


She recognized him at once as the stranger in her dream.

I give up.

I have to apologize to her.

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She married a bank clerk.

He is the taller of the two.

How good are they?

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I can't do what I'm being paid to do.

For lack of evidence proving him guilty, the jury had no choice but to acquit Leif.

I didn't go anywhere yesterday.


In the United States, a tablespoon is equivalent to three teaspoons.

That's wonderful!

I hear the competition is tough.