Sandeep told me what you did.

The husband is helping his wife in the kitchen.

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Are you sure you didn't hear anything?

Darryl shouldn't spend so much.

She's an heroin addict.


Ernst and Loren were at home together.


I think maybe I have the wrong number.


You should seriously consider majoring in music.


We get on quite well but we're not best firends.

He likes to read the Chinese books his father wrote in the U.S.

Sri never uses paper towels.


What lovely eyes she has!


Wade spends all day speaking French at school and only speaks English at home.


I knew something like this would happen.

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Did you get a chance to talk with Paul?

Don't judge a man from the way he looks.

Do you like French?

It just didn't work.

She weighs about ninety pounds, soaking wet.

I had a high fever; otherwise I could have gone camping.

I have nice hair.

Jianyun didn't even know it was here.

We don't have enough bandwidth to use that service.


He gave me some books.


She is a really nice person.

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We have just enough to live.


We were on a plane flying to Boston at that time.

I need you to call me.

It will clear up by and by.


Matti doesn't want to get married.

Thanks. You've been a big help.

Something happened to Himawan.

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Morris is my name.

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I went as far as Germany but I didn't have time to visit Alexander.

Pablo glanced over at Nici.

What he has said is true of them.


I'm getting sick of the ride.

With a hundred dollars, I could manage.

I need to talk to you outside.


He is a lawyer and must be treated as such.

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I walked about aimlessly on the street.

What does he want you to call him?

I had a premonition of Dion dying.

Throw a sprat to catch a whale.

What's my bank balance this month?

His ambition made him work hard.

Write the answer in English, please.

Physics is more difficult than mathematics.

He has recovered little by little.

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The Soviet Union collapsed 25 years ago.

In other words, outside of the persons concerned, only one person in Osaka knew about this incident.

The second appearance of the ghost was on Sunday night.


Andrew died a number of years ago.

My family owns this place.

It hasn't been too cold.

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That is insane.


I consume sugar.

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Is it true that Toby has three dogs at home?


Geoff began to feel a little guilty.

The Earth doesn't belong to man; man belongs to the Earth.

Nici has been working all day long.

Marcos is arriving soon. You should get ready.

I built this dog house all by myself.


Is it really such a big deal?

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It is important to note that his assertion is groundless.

The police will just take the money and probably won't even look for the owner.

It should not be possible for us to enjoy them without giving something in return.

That's not something I can do.

But what is liberty without wisdom, and without virtue? It is the greatest of all possible evils; for it is folly, vice, and madness, without tuition or restraint.

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He always finds fault with me!

You haven't been studying French as long as I have.

This book is not dedicated to anyone.

He had strong religious beliefs.

Let's keep in touch with each other.


He is my best friend.


Sherman pushed Elizabeth off the edge of the cliff.

The thief cursed the police for finding him.

I'm not justifying what he did, but you have to admit, his was a labour of love.

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It happened on the first of May.


I'm not sure I trust them.

I want to lie down and rest for a while.

I assume you know what to do.

I could not believe my ears.

I'm lost!


Doyle went over to Stanly's house to help.


Bud doesn't care about anything.


Do you ride the train to work?


I'll let you know when I get there.

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The first movie is bad, but the second is good.

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You have to see it to believe it.

This is not a pipe.

I'm glad I could be useful to you.

Listen very closely.

I've always carried out my duties.


Don't blow out the candle.

Tokyo landlords are in a panic because the real estate market went soft.

I can't get over my cold.


The lawsuit is likely to end in our defeat.

So what did you talk about?

Sedovic knows that Miek is over thirty.


The picture was beautiful. You should have seen it.


My friends don't pay attention to me anymore.


I don't want them to be unhappy.


Ya hafta smell the roses.

Every good restaurant has vegetarian options.

Can't you feel it?

You may leave your seat at will.

We promised.

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Are both of you ready to go?

Those students whose names have been called will begin their exams.

There's too much sex and violence in today's movies.

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She has a vivid imagination.

Did they understand what you were saying?

You don't have to tell Nicolette twice to do something.


Do you still have it?


The movie was actually much better than I expected.


This watch costs around fifty thousand yen.

This area has changed completely.

Lend me your bicycle.


We chose her a nice birthday present.

Coleen lives near me.

She is proof against any temptation.

And thus he failed the exam.

Let's go and surprise Jarmo.


What makes you think I'm not happy?

I'd like some coffee.

This diver's watch is a little too expensive.


Everyone is here except for him.

Most Native Americans in Mexico speak Spanish.

Ted tried to stay quiet.

He should have been here ten minutes ago.

The International Language is very useful.


I love your dress.


I just don't want to hurt Skeeter.


Thank you. You've been very helpful.

You don't need to be here on Monday.

I dedicate this song to you.

Tell me who did this.

I just want things to be normal.


"Why didn't he say anything?" "Who knows... He just didn't."

This book doesn't belong to Raif.

The expensive china broke into a thousand pieces.


It is evident from his behavior that he lies.