He holds an extreme opinion on education.

While Liisa went to the shop, Mark was reading the newspaper.

The patient is steadily recovering.

Max wants to know if you have any time to help.

I heard an awesome story yesterday.

I couldn't get what you said.

I've been in this situation before.

Let's do that again.


Dwight should've called Soohong.

British films are better than American films.

His life is a moral example to everyone.

I'm sorry to put you to such great expense.

Matt got distracted.


Wendi hardly ever talks.


It's just ten degrees, and he is walking around outside in a T-shirt. I get cold from just looking at him.


Pretty much everyone is doing the same thing.


How did you come by all this money?


I seldom walk to work.

She proposed that a doctor should be called in immediately.

The more I listen to her, the less I like her.


The city fell to the enemy.


I know her better than anyone.

Our project failed.

I'd like a large portion please.


Those present took it for genuine gold.

Nine years ago, our parents died in a car crash.

You sowed the grain a little while ago; when else do you sow it?


Today is the fifth of March.

Laura said that he didn't know French.

You can't abandon Ernst.

I hope you'll return.

Hey, is everything all right?

I just saw you talking to Connie less than five minutes ago.

That high mountain is Mt. Tsukuba.

Nothing changed.

They were hanging tight until the police came to rescue them.

Are you in acceptable health?

Merat keeps a hunting knife in the trunk of his car.

Genius and madness are separated only by success.

This is based on fact.

I said I'd look after them.

I know the gentleman.


This artist creates beautiful paintings.

You should have watched the movie last night.

You sell shoes.

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Shouldn't we be helping them?

Oil may not last for another hundred years.

I can't remember where I bought it.


They glanced at each other.

The way that woman goes on with men shocks me.

Help me move the couch.

Vent your anger on someone else, will you?

I saw her talking on the phone.


I feel much safer now.

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They were at the airport to say goodbye to him.


Oscar has been here for some time.


Everybody in the village knew him.

Kinch goes to that restaurant for lunch every other day.

Yes, it is. You were three months old then.

When she was finished ironing, Bradley switched off the iron and unplugged it, then left it alone for a while to let it cool.

I don't think Teruyuki will ever be able to do that.

He keeps on asking me for money.

Was it a dream?

My mother allowed me to go abroad.

Could you please speak slower?

The Germans are in favor of austerity.

Under present circumstances, I don't intend to return to my country.

I want to keep competing.

There were black clouds over our heads.


I live it.

Victor asked some very good questions.

We won't be talking about that at all.

I'll bet it gives her a feeling of superiority to be so beautiful.

He threw a ball over the fence.


How can she speak that fast?

I'm ready whenever you may come.

What's Elias's problem anyway?


She was by no means happy.

I'm trying to make it the best that I can.

Pandora is the son of a very rich man.

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We shouldn't have let her go.


I think you should talk to us.

Sarah will throw a big party with a lot of music.

This book left a lasting impression on her.

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Robots just do things, they don't think at all.

Winnie and Vicky are teachers.

Don't speak ill of him in public.

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One can't earn too much money.

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He accused us of wronging him.


Can I sit here?

Who gave that order?

John is older than Robert.

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I can't wait for them.


I must find out.

Strictly speaking, his answer is not correct.

I have a bus to catch.

He really likes science fiction novels a lot.

The police will suspect that he is the murderer.


Janet only had a dim recollection of what Heather looked like.

In this group, there are my parents and my relatives.

I had hardly gone to bed when the telephone rang.

I'm used to it by now.

Have students read such books as will make them think more.

You shot her, didn't you?

He set her mind at rest.

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There were no customers, so we closed the shop earlier.


I'm on my way to see Huashi.

Can I use this area to raise vegetables?

I went to the bank to take out money.

The cellar is ugly, dark, and stinky.

Saad was in love with Pradeep.

Machinery uses a lot of electricity.

We've been there.

You really are an idiot.

It's in your pocket.

In any case, you are wrong in your conjecture.

Stephan put his hands on his hips.

My eyes must be tricking me.

Neil has been in a foul mood all week.


This is a picture of me when I was three years old.


You gotta play till you win.

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We ordered pink, but we received blue.

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I've heard it before.


What's your problem? I don't understand.


Go with these men.

Dr. Jemison has practiced medicine as a volunteer in a Cambodian refugee camp and as a medical officer with the Peace Corps in West Africa.

The food tasted slightly of garlic.

Our ancestral home is in Tongli, Jiangsu.

Be sure to drop me a line.

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I wonder how tempura fry up so deliciously crisp and dry. Is there a trick to it?

Intermittent flashes of lightning illuminated the dark gloom of the forest.

It was quite easy for me to carry the plan out.


He got the reputation for being an honest politician.

The flower is magenta.

I will teach you how to skate next Sunday.


Maybe we can buy Valeria a new one.

Did you know that men who regularly take birth control pills don't get pregnant?

It's been a long time since I've heard anyone use that word.


Man is the only animal that can make use of fire.

Dan didn't speak of it.

Do all of you speak French?

Stop poking me on Facebook.

It appears you're correct, Nate.


Who's the new girl?

Roy is secretive and Ted is candid.

Max is the one who painted our garage.

No one is downstairs.

Could I have a bus timetable?

I'll buy it.

We should obey our parents.


He probably meant that people go to demonstrations just to show up instead of actually protesting.

He sounded as excited as she did.

"Are you friends with Kelvin?" "Yes, she's my roommate."

Marcia scheduled a last-minute meeting.

What is the meaning of my life?


I do not consider her choice of music a happy one.