I forgot to mention it to them.

It was probably Diana.

Are you talking about this?

Kimmo has written three books.

My father came home at nine.

We reached the top of the hills at dawn.

Please get out the homework.

I get on the subway every morning at Ginza.


Rahul began crying.


We need more talented people.


She didn't even open the present he gave her.


Sharan doesn't have to go to school tomorrow.

None of the telephones are working.

I called her last evening but she didn't answer.

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It was I that phoned him yesterday.


I'll come with him.


"That's weird, isn't it?" "Yeah, it's a little weird."

I can't remember for the moment.

You've got to get out of here now.

I think Laurie can be beaten.

Have you ever bought a rifle?

I mean, am I that good as a friend that it's hard to take chances to be in a relationship with me?

It's no more than four minutes from here by train.

The doctor said that you should get more rest.

He's got a reputation for being really ruthless.

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We all saw him!

Rabin doesn't think that would be the right thing to do.

It might be possible to repair this.

This is the highest selling book of the month.

In France, its birthplace, Tatoeba became a cultural and social phenomenon.


Do you know anybody around here who has a place to rent?

I see her sweeping the room.

What do you want with us?

I don't remember anymore.

I've decided to leave my work at the end of the month.

Why do you think Kees went to Boston?

We climbed up the mountain, but with difficulty.


I get paid a lot.

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I hear that you kissed my girlfriend.

What is the average height of the players?

He nodded as much as to say, I agree.

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The day of judgment has come.

The general principles of this programme are still valid today.

Vadim was simply stating the obvious.

I want to go home as soon as possible.

Do you think we should've gone to where Edith wanted us to go instead of coming here?

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It was only a beggar-girl that had crept up to the window and stole a glance at the bright scene within.

There's no need to get so angry. Keep your temper.

I know that you are up to some trick.

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You broke your leg.

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They don't want you here.

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And if you see Rob, say hello to him for me.

Heinrich told us he wanted to go with us.

If you're tired, go to bed.


Morris can handle it himself.

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I'll provide you with all the necessary information.


Karate is an art of unarmed defense.


An artist must have an eye for color.

He took something out from his pocket.

I wish I could go back in time.

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We can talk this through.

Now that you have come of age, you should know better.

She is pleased with her new dress.

Will you be finished by 2:30?

It wasn't as difficult to do as I thought it was going to be.

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She is missing the point.

Marcos took out his camera.

She tasted the cake to see if it was sweet enough.

The meeting was this afternoon.

Why are you so handsome?

I like May the best of all the months.

What a wonderful view!


I saw the sights of Kyoto during my vacation.

What happened to you? You look miserable.

Julie didn't seem to care.


Never did I think I would see her there.

I want him fired.

I don't think that's wise.

Let's run to the bus stop.

I'll visit you tomorrow.

You're all washed up.

Where on earth did you get that hat?

I will care for your kitten during your absence.

She made a series of medical discoveries.

If I feel inclined to, then I will try to contact the manager.

He places his soul in the hands of God.


I'm done with studying.

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You need not have bought such an expensive book.

They trudged up the frosted hill, every step a testament of their will to live.

When and where did you come to know her?


Isaac says that he doesn't blame us.

He's a private detective.

Prizes will be awarded at the end of the contest.

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You're pregnant.


I have seen wolves in the Appennines.

Once capsized, a catamaran is impossible to right without help.

I didn't realize you were allergic to peanuts.

Vladislav wanted Cole to carry her books.

One bad apple spoils the bunch.


You must've had a nice day.


That makes no sense.


Coleen works.

Who are we waiting for?

Michiel spoke French quite fluently.

The hiker has reached the top of the mountain.

His birthday falls on Sunday.

It's improved.

Theo showed interest in the plan.

Happiness has come and requires money.

You have nothing whatever to worry about.

There's a lot of chit-chat.

No, thank you. I don't drink coffee.

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Susan hopes he doesn't become a workaholic like his father.

I'm pretty tired.

I'm a little bit tired.


Liz clapped.

The bronze statue was broken into pieces.

I've been working out.


That's the problem with buying wholesale.

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Radek is playing with her cat.

Pierette must have spent a fortune on his new house.

We have no other choice.


Micah shivered when he saw the black cat.

Do you really like it here?

Cars are getting expensive.

They exchanged gifts.

How does he make money?

My computer suddenly stopped working.

Kylo is the one who showed me how to do it.

Dwight forgot where he put his glasses.

To cause laughter without joining in greatly heightens the effect.

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Some boys came into the classroom.

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He is passive in everything.

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It's been over a week since I last saw Eva.

They didn't even know we were there.

My friend just sent me this picture of his little cousin.

He cannot be ill.

She didn't like this city when she moved here, but she has gotten used to it now.


The boy has four rabbits, two male and two female ones.


We'll welcome you at any time.


Luis's book is very interesting.

That sounds like a bad idea.

It's a terrible affair.


A water molecule is composed by three atoms: two hydrogen and one oxygen.

He will take it.

He is a fool, and no mistake.

Your son will be well taken care of.

You'd better let me do that for you.

Shall I bring you a glass of water?

I want the wax cleaned from my ears.

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I regard him as a man of character.


Mexico is a nation that borders the United States.

I just need to stay calm.

The reasons of our failure are the following.