Jennie can't afford to buy a yacht.

I was afraid that it might hurt her feelings.

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I threw up.

The wine complemented the meal perfectly.

We plan to invite both Cindie and Jisheng.


They did not agree to bring down the price.

My reputation has been destroyed.

If only I'd done my homework!

His handwriting slants forwards, whereas hers slants backwards.

To be poor is not to have little, but to need much.

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They're just doing their job.


Does anybody in the audience have any questions?

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The accident caused a traffic jam.

Darci made a dog house for Cookie.

Let's do this again sometime!

They acted together as if by compact.

Nothing that's happened here makes any sense.


I don't think everyone knows what to do.

She saw a boy kneeling by the altar.

This book is really small!


They are spinning wool.


You have to trust me on that.


The argument became heated.


Is propionic acid responsible for the odor of sweat?

I'll get hold of you tomorrow and set up a time.

In recent years, they have often moved.

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I didn't want to go on this mission, but I was ordered to.


I'm not a fanboy.


When I am queen, I will have you jailed.

Be careful. The soup's very hot.

I figured it might be better if I didn't talk to Janet.


Wolfgang is behind everybody in mathematics.

Brett is pretty nervous, isn't he?

You're really good at make believe.


No one listened.

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I heard you talked to him.

Melanie is studying right now.

I don't see her a whole lot.


I need a police car.

No matter how much I think about it, I don't understand it.

You were a prison warden for ten years.


It flew out of my head.

I loved you.

They refused to let the trains move.

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Fewer people come here every year.


You've already drunk mummy's milk. Don't cry, please go sleepy-sleep.

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What makes you think that Darin is planning to ask Valeria to marry him?

Sharan doesn't smile so much anymore.

Living abroad is the best way to learn a foreign language.

I am alone and feel I can write this to you.

This will kill that.

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My father is two years younger than my mother is.

We don't believe that Emil will be able to master French.

Ernest has a son whose name is John.

If you copy my sentences, then I'll copy yours!

His irresponsible attitude surprises me.

Suzan doesn't really want your advice.

I remember the first time we met.

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No one is to leave.

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Christian wants to stop Sofoklis.

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Doctors did everything they could to cure him.

Blood is red.

He hid his emotions and pretended to be enthusiastic.


The King invited not only us but also a lot of other people.


Fat hens lay few eggs.

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I must give it to him


But I digress.

She confronted the problem which seemed hard to understand.

Paul blushed and turned away.

They thanked God.

They formed a new political party.

This shouldn't take more than 30 minutes.

The LDP rode on the wave of Koizumi's popularity.

The reason why he came so early is not evident.

My grandfather is in his nineties.

There was no need for you to kill Toufic.

That went right over my head.

The orchardist grafted an apple bud onto the rootstock.

He has very deep convictions.

The typhoon struck the city, causing great damage.

Hang your hat on the hook.


Wipe out abuses.

A diamond is worth a lot of money!

Those women were too surprised to speak.

The debate on spending is pending.

I was told you weren't very helpful.

They didn't like any of my suggestions.

He sat down to read a story.

You won't get there on time if you don't hurry.

She does know that.

It was foolish of him to do such a thing.

Has the train been delayed?


The practice of sport is a human right. Every individual must have the possibility of practicing sport, without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic spirit, which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play.


But this is not true.

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Your hat is somewhere around here.


I would've done it by myself if Shyam hadn't been there.

Embrace your weirdness

How do I do it?

Claire was always secretive.

It also has a strong flavour, and adds depth to Chinese food such as soups and stir-fries.

To threaten the children of a blind fighter for human rights, who's daughter can't go to school, is extremely cowardly. A government who's guilty of that kind of abomination is not worth any respect from its population.

It was the coldest inaugural day in the nation's history.

I have to change the world now.

Only individuals with an aberrant temperament can in the long run retain their self-esteem in the face of the disesteem of their fellows.

Jimmy kissed me on the lips.

You're not my type.

I absolve you from your sins.

Someone stole my belongings.

The police spotted him at once as the offender.

He made a mistake and drank poison.

Can you believe it?

How much is the fine for speeding?


I'm doing what I have to do.


Bobby and Tran have forgiven me.


I thought Barry wouldn't do that.

A French translation of this book was published in 2013.

He likes that video game very much.


What was the big announcement?


This room is very cold.


Sanche must have pushed the wrong button.

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I appreciate you being here.


That store closed in 2013.


I didn't understand the French sentence. I think the Spanish translation is the most accurate one.


Let's switch to French.

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I won't put up with that.


Was that all you said to her?

Eva needs to be more careful.

We're coming up short on the head count!

Certainly there are downsides to leadership by coercion and force.

The sun appeared on the horizon.

How hard would it be to do that?

We waited for our daughter to come to her senses.

I'm creative.

You're very rude.


He did it right away.

Do you think I should tell Sherman what you just told me?

There are billions of stars in the sky.

The train was clear of the station.

Erwin has already gone bald.

That's what we have to figure out.

Some people believe that Japan is No.1 in everything.

We still have a ways to go.

This book is my good luck charm; I read it every five months.

How often do you eat out?

I was the recipient of a large settlement.

He failed to get elected contrary to our expectation.

Leave her alone or you'll regret it.

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I don't need anybody.


Don't you just hate this weather?

Can you sew on these buttons for me?

Why not apologize and ask for his pardon?